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Membership Agreement, Terms & Conditions

  • All membership will be renewed automatically unless I provide written cancellation notice 30 days in advance. The membership fees will be automatically deducted from the account that I authorized each month.
  • This class/clinic is intended to present information and techniques according to the instructor/practitioner’s best knowledge and experience, and is to be used by the student at his or her own discretion. The adoption and application of the material offered in the class/clinic must therefore be the student’s own responsibility.
  • I understand that this class/clinic is for the basic purpose of health maintenance, not for any treatment of any specific illness, injury or condition. I understand that the information presented by instructors/practitioners/assistants are for education purpose only; and NOT for diagnose, prescribe, or treat any physical or mental illness, and nothing said or taught in class/clinic can be constructed as such. I understand that the class/clinic is not a substitute for any treatment by a licensed healthcare professional, and I will not attempt to use it as such.
  • I release the instructora/practitioners/assistants, the author and publisher, and the owners and operators of the premises on which the classes/clinics are conducted, from any liability for my class/clinic participation and will hold him or her harmless for any results of this class/clinic.
  • The information from the Class/Clinic is protected by Copyright law. The reproduction, written, electronic, and otherwise, in part or in whole, for commercial purposes is expressly prohibited without prior written consent. Photographing and audio & videotaping are prohibited;